coaching3The purpose of Academic coaching is to help students of all ages to develop strategies for attaining important life skills and achieving success. We offer coaching services to elementary age students, teens, young adults and professionals. These services are available over the phone, at the Center, in your home, or at your office.

Coaching is designed for students who need individualized guidance to reach their highest level of functioning. Coaching provides students with the structure, support, knowledge and experience they need to overcome their learning disabilities. Confidential and client-driven, coaching is a one-on-one partnership, a planned alliance that offers viable answers to the student’s everyday challenges.

Parent Coaching

For elementary age students who struggle academically, we teach parents how to coach their child. We want to help parents understand the challenges and frustrations their kids are experiencing, to better prepare them to succeed as coaches. The process begins by answering critical questions like:

  • How does the student learn?
  • What challenges to learning does the student face?
  • How can we transform challenges into strengths?
  • What techniques work best for the student?
  • What approaches will increase their confidence?

Next, we work with the parent to develop strategies that work best in addressing the specific issues related to their children’s learning challenges. For example, if the student has difficulty completing assignments or turning in homework, we help the parent break the process down into manageable tasks that the student can perform. The key is discovering methods and approaches that work for your child.

  • Learn self-management and organizational skills
  • Develop strategies for overcoming challenges
  • Focus on their strengths

The symptoms of ADHD never go away, but you can become better at managing them. By finding the strategies that work best for you, coaching can help you excel in your present circumstances and obtain important life skills that translate into personal and professional success.