tutoring1Test Prep at Tutor 2 SuccessWhen students experience poor grades and have difficulty completing assignments, tutoring is the answer. Tutoring not only involves teaching specific subject content, it also includes a process of identifying ways to improve the student’s ability to process, retain and express information.

We offer customized educational services to students of all ages and abilities, from K-12 to adults. Tutoring is ideal for students who:

  1. Lack basic skills in time management and organization.
  2. Struggle with abilities that many of us take for granted -- like how to study, what to study and how long to study
  3. Would benefit from a system for studying that is custom-designed to their strengths and challenges.

Tutoring services can be especially beneficial during the summer months, allowing your child to close the gap between where they should be performing and where they are performing academically.

We can arrange private and small group instruction at the Center, in your home, or at the student’s school. Many schools are flexible about allowing students to work with outside tutors during regular school hours. The bottom line is, we want to make our tutoring services as convenient to you as possible, to meet your demanding schedule.

We provide professional instruction in the following courses:

  • Literature
  • Reading, phonics and spelling
  • Math (from Elementary to College level)
  • Science (Biology and Chemistry)
  • Study skills
  • Languages

Test Prep Services

Taking standardized tests and entrance exams can be intimating and overwhelming to the average student. This intimidation factor can lower a student’s score before the test even begins! Yet the scores that students receive on these kinds of tests often dictate their admittance into private schools, to special programs offered by a school, or to advanced classes.

We can help students of all ages – elementary school, middle school, high school, and college – prepare for testing. Our Test Prep classes include instruction in the subject matter and development of test-taking strategies. The result is a student who feels more confident and relaxed and is better prepared for testing.

We offer Test Prep classes for:

  • TAKS
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Stanford and other standardized tests
  • Private school entrance exams

We also offer a specialized course for individuals who are pursuing a GED. Upon completion of this course and the GED exam, students will have the skills they need to enroll in college courses, pursue a trade school diploma, or enter the work force.