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Academically, summer is a time for you to slow down and focus on recovering from the whirl-wind pace of the school year. And for you, it can be a much deserved one! But, it can also be a prime time for you to help your son or daughter catch up and get ahead of the crowd.

What you can do

Let’s say you notice and understand your child could benefit from better skills in math, reading or writing and it would make a huge difference for them in the coming school year. Since over the summer there is a pause in learning, you see the opportunity for them to make up or move ahead in their skills. You couldn’t be more right! Summer is the chance.

Give them Confidence and Self-Esteem

Yes the dog days of summer make the perfect opportunity to give your child the chance to show up in fall with new and improved skills and abilities. Skills that will give them the confidence and self-esteem they need to make the best of the new school year.

Best Areas to Work On

Math, Reading and Writing skills are the best areas to work on. They are the basic skills that will help your child be the most successful they can be during the school year.

Work on Math facts for addition, subtraction and especially multiplication and division. This makes math work more simple and fast for them. You can even have your child preview upcoming skills over the summer, by asking their teachers what will be covered in the coming year.

Reading and Writing skills are very important. Have your child develop effective comprehension skills and the ability to properly respond to questions in writing that are focused and centered.

In Conclusion

Summer time is the best opportunity in the year to get caught up and move your child ahead. Take this best chance for your child and make the new school year the best it can be.