Learning Specialists at Tutor 2 Success are degreed professionals.

A learning specialist is more than a tutor. Learning specialists are educators equipped with the training and expertise necessary to work with students who experience challenges to learning.


As learning specialists:

  • We are sensitive to the pace, level and tolerance of individual learners
  • We take what we know about how students work to give them the academic skills they need
  • We help students feel good about themselves and to realize, ‘I can be successful.’

Our Assurance to You

  • All of our learning specialists are professional, degreed teachers who have specific training and experience in working with students who have learning challenges
  • Each learning specialist undergoes a thorough verification of credentials and a criminal background check.

Individualized Approach

Our individualized approach helps the student to learn strategies to better process, analyze and express information. The learning specialist working with your student will:

  1. Identify the unique needs and abilities that influence the student’s learning
  2. Discover the student’s learning style and strengths
  3. Custom design a plan of instruction that teaches to these strengths

From this approach, the learner experiences:

  • Enhanced learning
  • Improved organizational skills and study habits
  • Higher grades
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Positive attitudes toward school, teachers and family

Working in Partnership

s 6Our learning specialists maintain regular contact with the parent to update you on the student’s progress. We provide parents with the support they need while also teaching them how to:

  • Create incentives to learning
  • Extend learning at home
  • Recognize when the student’s energy bubble is saturated
  • Encourage and motivate the student