Every Student Can Succeed


At the Center for Assisted Learning in Houston, Texas, we believe every student can succeed.

We are a group of highly motivated and trained Learning Specialists offering customized, one-on-one educational services to students of all ages and abilities.

Since 1996, we have been helping students in the Houston community to learn the skills and strategies that make them better learners.

We Understand Your Needs

Tutor 2 Success - We understand your needs.We understand the anxiety you experience as a parent when your student is experiencing difficulty with learning and you don’t know why.

Our goal is to improve the self-esteem of all students by helping them develop strategies for dealing with their learning challenges.

To this end, we work in partnership with the parent to assess the unique needs and personality of the student and develop an individualized learning program that empowers the student and helps them to succeed.

Dyslexia & ADHD

Although we work with students of all ages and abilities, we have special expertise in helping those with Dyslexia and ADHD.

Our program emphasizes:

  • Remediation services to strengthen basic skills, fill gaps in learning and raise the student’s skills to the appropriate age and grade level
  • Customized learning program designed to the needs, abilities, personality and learning style of your student
  • Coaching to help the student develop habits, systems and routines that make learning easier

Additional Services

  • Gifted and Talented – For students who want to achieve higher grades and improve their study skills, we offer private instruction and tutoring in a variety of course subjects, including language skills.
  • Test Prep Services – Our Test Prep classes include instruction in the subject matter and development of test-taking strategies. The result is a student who feels more confident and relaxed and is better prepared for testing.
  • Home School Support – We offer a variety of educational services aimed at academic remediation and/or enrichment for the home school student.