adhd2By taking the time to identify a learner’s strengths and developing strategies that compensate for weaknesses, we can design a learning program that focuses on:

  • Helping the student understand how they learn and process information
  • Building self-esteem
  • Coaching self-management
  • Developing habits, systems and routines that make learning easier
  • Teaching “self talk” that helps the student cope with set-backs and remain confident
  • Decreasing anxiety by equipping the student with the skills, awareness and knowledge they need to succeed

Skills Remediation

Skills Remediation Skills remediation is a significant aspect of the assistance we provide to students with Dyslexia and ADHD. We focus on:

  • Rebuilding and reintroducing the academic skills a learner is lacking
  • Strengthening primary and basic skills
  • Filling gaps in learning
  • Raising the learner’s skills to the appropriate age and grade level

Working in Partnership

s 6Our learning specialists maintain regular contact with the parent to update you on the student’s progress. We provide parents with the support they need while also teaching them how to:

  • Create incentives to learning
  • Extend learning at home
  • Recognize when the student’s energy bubble is saturated
  • Encourage and motivate the student